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Style # E0041SS14PDIPE

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This natural formed white baroque cultured pearls accented with two 14K rose gold diamond stars that made up stud earrings On front sides 12 mm diamond dust silver beads covered in 14k rose gold.


Gender For women
The pearls measurement detail
is 32.13 x 25.91 mm 34.58 x 24.19 mm  
The earrings total weight is 24.9 g 
Two 14K rose gold stars with round full cut diamonds are D in color and VS in clarity, with a total weight of 0.05 ct
Engraved Rock Lily Collection


White freshwater cultured baroque pearls


14K rose gold
925 sterling silver


At Rock Lily Collection, you can find the perfect stud colored and white baroque pearl accented diamond gold stars earrings to finish any clothing for every occasion.
Show your stud pearl diamond embedded in various combination metals like sterling silver, rose, yellow, white gold, and more.
Whether you are searching for yourself or shopping for someone special, you can go incorrect without diamond stud earrings or classy, elegant, stylish natural or cultured pearls.
Please find what you were by searching online in our collection today.


A birthday. An anniversary. Simply since. Lovely elegant, and versatile diamond earrings sparkle as apresent - for her. At Rock Lily Collection, discover bond combination pearls colored stones diamond earrings in styles for every event, and make every minute shimmer.
Diamond earrings provide whether it classic studs, statement-making detachable drop chandelier, or something over-the-top extraordinary.
Whether you treat yourself or another person, it always classic and continuously dazzling.
The Rock Lily Collection, inspired by the marvels of the natural world: It has always been our favorites, and these beautiful heavenly pears have all the magical elements that made the perfect earrings of incredible quality and design. 14K rose gold stars with round full cut diamonds are D in color and VS in clarity.


Keep it comfortable with some stud earrings from Rock Lily Collection.
We have alternatives to select from our unique one-of-a-kind or with your particular custom designs.
Whether you are trying to find diamond studs, gemstone studs, or gold studs, you undoubtedly find the perfect pair. With stud earrings for women, discover designs that everyone will love.
Our earrings for women are the best accents to contribute to your look. From comprehensive strategies, our earrings for females make sure to impress.
You'll not only discover all the timeless favorites such as stud earrings and gold earrings for females, but you'll likewise find a selection of spectacular, unique earrings such as attractive detachable drop earrings.
With our collection of earring options, you can easily choose your favorite style.
Dressing up comes in all forms, and of course, adding jewelry to your daily outfits is comes to keeping your identity.


Get all set to look your best at any time with Stud Earrings from Rock Lily Collection!
Our variety of stud earring sets offers lots of stylish choices to pick from, so you'll find simply the sets you require to make an impression.
Store the selection of jewelry at Rock Lily Collection, and bring your aim to a whole new rich variety of colors level! Rock Lily Collection has an extensive range of earrings to pick it up.
With various options as aquamarine, pearls, Madagascar rose quartz, corals, and more styles readily available. Including pearl diamond stud earrings and gold stud earrings, so you can be sure you'll find the right alternative you require for any occasion or celebration.
At Rock Lily Collection, you know that you can discover all the clothing alternatives necessary to match your style. Stud earring sets from our brand Rock Lily Collection deal daily appeal that sure to take your look up a notch! Find all your precious jewelry basics at  Rock Lily Collection, and get ready to look your best!


When simpleness is the name of the game, stylish precious jewelry is an individual must, then a great option in earrings is constantly stud earrings for women. Stud earrings have the advantage of shimmer and beauty while remaining out of the way of major physical tasks or due dates where different sorts of jewelry might obstruct.

And because stud earrings are small, there is no reason for them to be straight or dull. Different stud earrings to think about range from corals, colored stones, and gold.
A pair of studs hold your attention from large dark blue-green gorgeous baroque pearls with rose diamond gold stars pair earrings; the selection is remarkable!

So, when it is time to take a look at some excellent brand-new pieces of precious jewelry for a primary and understated style statement, then it is time to check out gorgeous stud earrings for women.

Many studs will accent even the simplest of work clothing with a simple little style and design. And when you are all set to pick out a couple of brand-new stud earrings to accent your character and keep a healthy foot in the world of style and design, make sure to do your shopping at Rock Lily Collection.

These items proudly handcrafted in New York. Limited edition. Please contact us regards more information on these earrings or/on creating your custom design with Rock Lily Collection.

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